HVAC System installation with funds from the MAERDAF Grant.

Installation of 1200 feet of water lines to the Farm Museum site.

Our water contractor hired through our MAERDAF and Upper Shore Regional Council Grants.

JULY 20, 2020


Since the last CCFM Board and general membership meeting was held back in February, 2020, I wanted to take a few moments and bring our members and supporters up to date as to the progress our organization has been making. Since that last February meeting our Board has met each month, thru June, virtually, and recently met (July 7th) for the first time in person, socially distancing and all wearing masks. The following is a listing of the projects/activities that the CCFM has had ongoing since the Pandemic hit in March. I have numbered them for ease of writing, but they are listed in no particular order:

1. As a quick reminder, in February, three new Board members began their terms: Susan Sprout Knight (owner, Ardent Title Company); Paula Newton (Executive Director of the Cecil County Historical Society); and Mark Barczewski (Technology Coach, Cecil County Public Schools).

2. Since July 1st of 2019-June 30th, 2020, the CCFM received the following Grant Funds: Rural Maryland Council (MAERDAF), $20,000; Cecil County VLT, $5,000 and the Upper Shore Regional Council, $12,000. For fiscal year 2020, we are receiving the following Grant Funding of: $13,000 from the Upper Shore Regional Council and $3,500 from the Cecil County VLT.

3. Since February, 2020, the following CCFM on-site projects, have been completed:

a. Both the first and second floors of the dairy barn have been sealed and refinished.

b. All the exterior wood doors of the dairy barn have been varnished and all the interior barn doors have been painted.

c. Blinds have been installed, on all first-floor windows, of the dairy barn.

d. An HVAC System was installed, 1st floor of the Dairy Barn, by Clark Services, with funding from our MAERDAF Grant.

e. Lecco Pipeline, Cecil County, Maryland, was awarded our bid and installed 1,200 linear feet of 2-inch water pipe from the Cecil County School of Technology to our site…WE NOW HAVE WATER! Funding from both our MARERDAF Grant and the Upper Shore Regional Council Grant was applied. This project was completed June 30th, 2020.

f. Our CCFM Artifacts Committee, chaired by Mary McCleary, has begun planning, sorting and setting in place, various donated pieces and items. Thanks, also goes out to Molly, Matt, Jerry, Don, Paula, Mike, Neal, Bud and Betty, Beth and Floyd.

g. As you have already noticed, Mark Barczewski, has updated our CCFM Web-Site with help from Paul Gray and input from all of our Board.

As you are aware, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have had to cancel all of our Events to date. We still have two Events pending…a September Tractor Pull and our October Heritage Day/Apple-Butter Festival. We have made no final decisions regarding their status yet. When we do, we will post it on both our web-site and face book page. Also, when we feel it is safe for all members, we will also post a date and time for our next scheduled general membership and Board meeting. We realize these are tough times for a lot of nonprofit organizations like us, but the CCFM is determined to continue to make progress!

Stay well…

Mel Bacon,

CCFM Executive Director