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We are are 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation,
incorporated in the state of Maryland.

The Cecil County Farm Museum and Regional Agricultural Center's (CCFMRAC) purpose is to educate current and future generations about our local agricultural heritage.   This heritage played an important role in the socio-economic development of the Upper Eastern Shore and will continue to do so moving forward.  The CCFMRAC highlights our region's history while providing educational opportunities and agricultural experiences for all ages.  

PURPOSE (As stated in our founding charter)
1. To preserve the agricultural heritage of Cecil County through the establishment of a farm museum.
2. To collect artifacts relating to the lifestyle of rural Cecil County
3. To preserve these objects by providing them with adequate storage and display conditions, proper cleaning and maintenance, and if necessary, restoration.
4. To display these objects to the public and institute educational interpretive programs explaining their use, historical value, and relationship to modern agriculture.
5. To study and research these items and subjects relating to rural culture in general and to present the findings of this research to the public in the form of educational exhibits, programs, and publications.
6. To promote the agriculture in the Classroom and other farm related educational programs for children.
7. To promote the fellowship of those with common interests.

Cecil County Farm Registry


The Cecil County Farm Museum and Regional Agricultural Center in partnership with the Historical Society of Cecil County are compiling a registry of all farms, past and present, in Cecil County. They are looking for information on all historical farms and current working farms. This will be a unique historical record that does not currently exist. Copies of this registry will be kept at the CCFMRAC and the Historical Society.

The Cecil County Farm Museum (CCFM) wishes to publicly recognize and thank several key Grantor Organizations for their financial support relative to many of our site improvement projects.  Our CCFM mission is to promote, both locally and regionally, our agricultural heritage, through an educational museum.  This is a big undertaking that includes both constructing and renovating buildings and their supporting infrastructure and guidelines, for water and septic, HVAC, ADA-compliant bathrooms, security/lighting and technology.  These projects are expensive, and without the financial assistance offered through Grant Funding would be nearly impossible to complete. The CCFM wants to acknowledge the following 2020 Grantors for their support and assistance:

Rural Maryland Council
Charlotte Davis, Director

$20,000 grant for Potable Water and HVAC System

Upper Shore Regional Council
Susan O'Neil, Executive Director

$25,000 grant for ADA Compliant Bathroom Facility and Drain Field

Video Lottery Terminal (Cecil County)
Barbara Smith, Chief, Division of Community Partnerships

$5,000 grant for Education/Technology

Maryland Department of General Services,
Bond Bill

$25,000 for building restoration